News | Published November 21 2019

Hancock: We will provide extra £1 billion for social care over five years

Health secretary Matt Hancock has said that the Conservatives will provide an extra £1 billion a year to properly resource social care in England for the next five years should they win the December 12 general election.

Hancock wrote in the Daily Mail that the prolonged investment would enable local authorities to cope with ever increasing demand and “stabilise” the social care system.

The Conservatives had already outlined plans to inject a further £1 billion into the sector in 2020, but this investment will now run to 2024-25.

Hancock went on to urge the major parties to collaborate on a longer term solution for the social care crisis, adding that the issue should not be politicised.

The health secretary added that the Conservatives will work with other parties on reforms to the sector to ensure they "command the widest possible support", saying that his party would ensure that nobody requiring care would "have to sell their home to pay for it".

Hancock said: “Both main parties have seen what happens to bold and complex social care reform plans unveiled in the heat of a hyper-partisan election campaign.”

Chancellor Sajid Javid also said that turning social care into “some kind of political football” would be “no good for anyone” during an interview with BBC Radio Four.

However, shadow education secretary Angela Rayner was unmoved when asked whether Labour would be willing to work with the Conservatives to address the shortcomings of the social care system.

Speaking to the BBC’s Today programme, Rayner said: "The Conservatives can work with us when we have a Labour government.”

Labour’s own social care policy, estimated to cost £6 billion per year, will allow for free personal care for over-65s in England who most need it, so that assistance with dressing, hygiene and meals will be given without charge. 

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November 21 2019

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