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Hull first city in the UK to have full fibre broadband coverage

Hull is now the first UK city where everyone can have access to full fibre optic broadband after a seven-year long investment programme into its provision by local firm Kcom.

Full fibre, which sees fibre optic cables run right into the home as opposed to going via a streetside cabinet, is the highest standard of broadband and is only available to eight per cent of premises in the UK.

With several European neighbours offering far more substantial provision of fibre optic, it prompted prime minister Boris Johnson to pledge that everyone in the UK will have access to ultra-fast fibre optic broadband by 2025, a feat which seemed daunting to much of the internet industry.

However, local Humberside telecoms firm Kcom, once known as Kingston Communications, were ahead of the game. 

They are responsible for rolling out an ultra-fast fibre optic network to 200,000 homes in Hull and East Yorkshire.

Kcom’s £85 million initiative began back in 2012, when BT had started to roll out fibre optic network via the cabinet, where the final broadband connection ran into homes via a copper cable.

Kcom managing director Sean Royce said: "We decided that [fibre optic to the cabinet] was just not future proof, copper wasn't suitable for the fast data rates of the future.”

Kcom set about laying fibre into each and every home in its large-scale investment programme. Hull was previously ranked very low for broadband provision , with the network taking time to be fully established.

Now, it has eclipsed its competitors.

With average [broadband] speeds of 94.7Mbps,  Royce says that Hull would be the fastest country in the world if it were its own republic.

Royce added: “We said ‘Give us time’ and now here we are with the fastest network in the UK”.

He also stated that an additional £469 million of incremental economic activity had already come into the area thanks to the fibre optic network and that the local area would continue to benefit from its presence.

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Scott Challinor
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October 10 2019

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