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Jaguar Land Rover begins Brexit shutdown

Jaguar Land Rover have ceased production for a week, identifying Brexit uncertainties as the cause. This shutdown is in addition to a scheduled closure for Easter which will start next week and run until 23 April. 

The shutdown will affect thousands of staff across the Midlands and in Halewood on Merseyside. Staff will still be paid during this period but will have to make up the hours lost in the future.

This follows an announcement from the company which detailed lower sales in Europe and China.

Production will stop from Monday to Friday and the Easter closure will commence the following week.

This follows continued uncertainty over the UK’s future. JLR have labelled the shutdown a “Brexit matter” and Unite have described the move as “prudent.”

JLR have previously called for greater certainty about Brexit and have warned that a “no-deal” scenario could cost them more than £1.2 billion each year in profit. 

This sentiment was echoed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders who stated that a “no-deal scenario would have a devastating impact on investment and our hard-won reputation – risking the UK’s position as a leading global market and a centre of excellence for innovation.”

In January, when the shutdown was agreed, the car giant also announced the cutting of 4,500 jobs, with the majority of these job losses coming from its UK workforce.

The Unite convenor at the Solihull plant, Mick Graham, stated that: “We had to make some plans to protect the business as best we could and we started talking about this in January.

“We knew we had to take reactive action to mitigate the potential effect of a bad Brexit or no-deal Brexit. Suppliers need notice to get their parts across to us…It was a prudent thing to do.” 

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April 08 2019

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