News | Published June 25 2019

Johnson challenges Hunt to commit to Brexit “deal or no deal”

In a letter written to his leadership rival, Boris Johnson has called on Jeremy Hunt to commit to leaving the European Union on the 31 October “no matter what.”

In an earlier interview with Talk Radio, Johnson said that he would ensure Britain left the EU on this date “come what may, do or die.”

Jeremy Hunt has previously suggested he would extend the Brexit deadline if he felt he was close to negotiating a better deal.

He has previously argued that a deadline that did not allow proper negotiation could trigger a general election and the “political suicide” of the Conservative party.

Johnson’s letter queried when Hunt would extend this deadline to, asking “Would it be the end of this year, or will you extend our EU membership into 2020? At what point will you decide that enough is enough?”

In response to Johnson’s letter, which Hunt described as “snail-mail”, he criticised Johnson for refusing to take part in a Sky News debate which was scheduled for Tuesday. Hunt’s team accused Johnson of “bottling it.”

The winner of the Conservative leadership contest will be decided by a ballot of Conservative Party members. The result is due to be announced on 23 July. 

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George Salmon
Political Editor
June 25 2019

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