News | Published April 08 2019

Labour look for further talks while PM is set for emergency EU summit

Labour MP Andy McDonald said that the party hope to continue cross-party Brexit talks with the government today.

McDonald, the shadow transport secretary, said that Labour hoped to continue the talks today but that nothing is yet scheduled in.

The prime minister has asked the European Council for an extension to the Brexit deadline of April 12 and will meet EU leaders in Brussels on Wednesday.

When asked about whether talks would continue, McDonald said: "The diary is clear and people are making themselves available to continue with those talks, but they have not been entirely productive over the last two sessions.

"We live in hope."

Theresa May has said that cross-party collaboration is the only way to achieve a deal with a majority behind it in parliament.

In a video message released over the weekend, May said: "We absolutely must leave the European Union.

"That means we need to get a deal over the line and that's why we've been looking for new ways - a new approach - to find an agreement in Parliament.

"People didn't vote on party lines when it came to the Brexit referendum and I think members of the public want to see their politicians working together more often."

Peers will also continue the debate over the bill brought forward by Labour MP Yvette Cooper today, which would force the prime minister to agree to an extension in order to prevent a no-deal Brexit.

The bill was passed in the Commons on Wednesday last week.

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April 08 2019

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