News | Published September 23 2019

Labour to integrate private schools with state sector in latest manifesto

Members of the Labour party have called for private schools to be integrated with the state sector in their manifesto for the general election.

Angela Rayner, the shadow education secretary, stated at the party’s conference in Brighton that the "tax loopholes” currently held by private schools would be removed by a Labour government under its first budget.

She furthered this, saying that the action would "improve the lives of all children".

Labour have also pledged to revoke the charitable status and other public subsidies from private schools.

Rayner stated that the move would be the responsibility of the Social Mobility Commission, which would be renamed the Social Justice Commission under the party.

She stated "We will set that commission to making the whole education system fairer through the integration of private schools”.

Ryan Quick, the member who proposed the motion, noted that the “old boys’ network” was preventing the country from moving forward.

He believes that the “wonderful resources” held by private schools ought to be distributed.

John Wiseman, a member of the Unite union and former teacher, asks "How can it be right in 21st century Britain to still have a feudal education system where a privileged few receive tax-subsidised education on the back of ordinary working people?”

It was also announced at the party conference that Labour would see the percentage of privately educated students in the UK reflected in universities, currently standing at seven per cent.

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
September 23 2019

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