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Labour to support Customs Union and Common Market 2.0

Labour have announced they will whip their MPs to support a “Common Market 2.0”, a Brexit proposal that would see the UK remaining in the single market. 

"The Common Market 2.0" amendment has been tabled by Nick Boles and calls for the UK to join the European Free Trade Association and the European Economic Area.

This would entail remaining in the single market and would necessitate the continuation of freedom of movement. It has previously been known as the “Norway Plus” model.

Labour have also announced they will support Ken Clarke's Customs Union amendment and will once again whip for Dame Beckett's amendment which calls for a confirmatory vote on any deal passed by parliament.

This was also tabled during Wednesday’s session of indicative votes and was defeated by a margin of eight votes and so Labour support could tip the balance in its favour.

MPs are scheduled to hold another session of indicative votes this evening to try and navigate the current Brexit deadlock.

Government sources have announced that they have whipped Conservative MPs to oppose the business motion that would begin these indicative votes. If the votes go ahead, government ministers will be instructed to abstain.

This follows comments from Julian Smith, the chief whip of the Conservative party, who labelled the current cabinet the “worst example of ill-discipline in cabinet in British political history.”

Confirming this announcement, a Labour party spokesperson said: “In line with our policy, we’re supporting motions to keep options on the table to prevent a damaging Tory deal or no deal, build consensus across the house to break the deadlock and deliver an outcome that can work for the whole country.”

Speaker John Bercow is due to the select which amendments will be voted on at 6pm. The vote will take place between 8 and 8:30pm with the results to be announced at roughly 10:30.

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April 01 2019

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