News | Published June 05 2019

Landmark women’s pension age case goes to high court

A judicial review at the High Court will investigate whether the way the government raised the retirement age for women constituted sex discrimination.

In 2018 the state pension age was raised to 65 to bring it in line with men, and from 2020 the SPA will be set at 66 years for both men and women from 2020.

Many women born in the 1950s claim the rise was unfair as they were not given enough time to prepare for several years without a state pension.

The judicial review was brought by Backto60 and is asking for repayment of all the pensions that would have been received by those born in the 1950s had they been able to retire earlier.

Backto60 believes that women were disadvantaged by the lack of notice and speed of change.

The government have ruled out repayment in the past, claiming it would cost upwards of £70 billion.

The government counter Backto60’s claims, saying that the rise was “clearly communicated”.

A spokesperson for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “The government decided more than 20 years ago that it was going to make the state pensions age the same for men and women”.

The DWP described it as a “long-overdue move towards gender equality”.

The campaign group, Women Against State Pension Inequality, said that they support equality but “do not accept the unfair way changes to our state pension were implemented with inadequate or no notice”.

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Alice Campbell
June 05 2019

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