News | Published January 29 2020

Leaders Council: European Parliament to vote on Withdrawal Agreement

The European Parliament is expected to finalise the Brexit ratification process by approving the Withdrawal Agreement in a historic vote on Wednesday evening, the Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland reports.

The 751 MEPs will debate the Withdrawal Agreement prior to the vote, which is scheduled to take place at 17:00 GMT.

With the Withdrawal Agreement having been signed by European Council and European Commission presidents Charles Michel and Ursula von der Leyen last week, it is expected to pass without hindrance.

It is expected that the UK’s 73 MEPs will all attend the vote, in what will be their final session in the European Parliament. A special send-off ceremony has been mooted following the vote for those leaving their roles.

The full story may be read on the Leaders Council website here.

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William Winter
January 29 2020

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