News | Published January 31 2020

Leaders Council reports on UK Brexit countdown

The Leaders Council of Great Britain & Northern Ireland has published its report ahead of Friday's Brexit countdown, where prime minister Boris Johnson will hail a moment of "national renewal and change".

The UK's 47 years of EU membership will draw to a close at 23:00 GMT, with numerous events planned to take place across the country to both celebrate and lament Brexit.

Two of the largest events will take place in London, with EU supporters having planned a Whitehall procession to bid farewell to the bloc at 15:00 GMT, while Brexiteers will gather in a Union flag adorned Parliament Square for the final countdown.

Big Ben will not be restored to chime on the hour of 23:00 GMT, due to ongoing renovation works at the Palace of Westminster.

Elsewhere, a candlelit vigil is planned in Scotland, while over in Brussels, the UK flag will be removed from all EU institutions to mark the end of its membership.

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William Winter
January 31 2020

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