News | Published June 18 2020

Leaders Council: Sturgeon set to move to phase two

The Leaders Council has reported that Nicola Sturgeon is to announce the latest relaxation in lockdown measures as Scotland moves to the second phase of lockdown later today.

While those in England have been able to venture to shops from early this week, non-essential shops across the border remain closed for the foreseeable. It is expected that a reopening date will be set in today’s statement.

Sturgeon is also expected to sanction people meeting up in groups larger than the current cap of eight, and individuals may even be allowed to meet other households indoors for the first time since the country wide lockdown almost 13 weeks ago.

The country is currently on its first phase of a four part “route map” to return to normality. It is also intended to allow workers to return to factories, construction sites and laboratories, while continuing to observe social distancing measures.

Sports courts and playgrounds are also able to reopen, and professional sport can resume, though the country’s new football season will not take place until August. Civil ceremonies and marriages are also allowed to resume; however, they must take place and with limited numbers.

Sturgeon has noted that some changes will be more gradual, and it make be in "the coming weeks" that some occur.

While the tourism sector has been told to prepare for a mid-July opening, ministers are still considering the options for restaurants and pubs. Indoor shopping malls are also subject to the same rules.

In a statement yesterday, Sturgeon said that: "The more we hammer down the virus now, the more normality we can ultimately get back in all aspects of our lives."

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June 18 2020

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