News | Published November 20 2019

Lib Dems pledge 20,000 extra teachers as part of education spending

The Liberal Democrats have promised to invest billions into schools should they win December’s general election, including on the recruitment of 20,000 more teachers over five years.

According to the plans, a “cash injection” of £4.6 billion will go into schools in 2020, with the extra funds rising to £10.6 billion by 2024-25. 

An additional £1.1 billion per year would go toward providing free school meals for every child in primary school education, as well as for secondary school pupils who come from families on universal credit.

The funding will come from a so-called £50 billion “Remain bonus” generated from the UK staying in the EU. The party’s education spokeswoman, Layla Moran, said the fund is based on “conservative estimates” of better economic growth from remaining.

Moran said: "By stopping Brexit there will be an uptick to our economy, there is no independent forecast which doesn't suggest that's true.

"School leaders that I've spoken to would very much welcome this money, and, yes, we do need to keep spending.”

In order to entice new teachers, the party has said it will increase starting salaries to £30,000 and allow for raises of three per cent per year over the next five years. It will also invest £7 billion into upgrading school facilities during the period.

Moran added that the Lib Dems are planning to replace school inspectorate body Ofsted with an “independent body” which would oversee changes to the curriculum and put an end to “political interference” in education.

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Scott Challinor
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November 20 2019

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