News | Published September 26 2019

Luciana Berger to contest London seat for Liberal Democrats

Luciana Berger, a former Labour MP, has elected to move seat from Liverpool Wavertree to Finchley and Golders Green on behalf of the Liberal Democrats in the next election.

Berger resigned from the Labour party earlier this year, attributing her decision to anti-Semitism within the party, coupled with attacks of a personal nature against her.

In 2017, a troll who sent Berger and others anti-Semitic abuse was jailed for over two years.

One of the founding members of the Change UK party in May this year, prior to the European Parliament Elections, Berger left the party after its poor performance.

Addressing her current constituents on Twitter, Berger stated that "Balancing personal and professional responsibilities is complicated for everyone"

"As a family, we have had to make a decision about how best to navigate work and raising our young children."

She disclosed the decision to move to London once the next election has taken place.

The Liverpool Wavertree Lib Dems announced their disappointment in Berger’s decision to move consistency, but further noted that they "understood the reasons for doing so".

The constituency of Liverpool Wavertree has been a safe Labour seat since a change of boundaries in the 1990s.

This is contrasted by the Finchley and Golders Green, which has fluctuated between Conservatives and Labour since its creation in 22 years ago. 

It is a pro-Remain constituency where 20 per cent of the constituents are Jewish. 

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Alice Jaspars
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September 26 2019

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