News | Published November 23 2019

Lyndon Harfoot of KI Global Group talks collaborating with universities

Lyndon Harfoot, CEO of KI Global Group (KIGG), heads up a team which has significant and specialist expertise in electricity meter factory start-up projects across the world. He spoke about his collaboration with bodies of higher education in The Parliamentary Review Podcast.

Harfoot told host Jonathan White that working with universities can in fact be “a bit of a hit and miss affair.”

He continued, elaborating on the difference between bodies of higher education, stating “we tried doing a relationship with Swansea University and [found that] some of these universities do research for a paper, other universities do research for industry.”

The CEO of KIGG noted that “you have to find one of those universities that is interested in joining up with industry, and that is what we were fortunately able to do, with what was then Glamorgan University.”

Harfoot concluded that the collaboration had been such a success that “today I was having conversations with patent engineers, where we are now going into the process of submitting our first patent”.

His comments coincide with the University College Union announcing intentions for their members to strike in the final weeks of term this year over both pensions and working conditions.

Over 40,000 members of staff from 60 universities are expected to strike for eight days from this Monday.

The actions will disrupt the education of over one million students.

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November 23 2019

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