News | Published April 02 2020

Managing director of Denroy Plastics: “we are mostly in survival mode”

Following the recent announcement that the government has tested 2,000 of the half a million frontline NHS workers for coronavirus, The Parliamentary Review spoke with John Irwin, managing director of Denroy Plastics about his response to the current situation.

He said: “Denroy Plastics is still operational at this very difficult time. Under normal circumstances we would have around 120 people working in the factory. We are currently operating with 35 people. They are all manufacturing.

“The small number of people in the factory facilitates social distancing and with the many other measures we have taken in line with HSE and Government guidelines, our employees are safe in their place of work. Everyone who can work from home is doing so and many employees are on furlough. ”

In response to the need for medical equipment, Irwin announced that Denroy has “been designated as critical suppliers, supporting the UK’s national infrastructure. In addition, we are commencing the assembly of the Hero Shield this week. This is a visor for medical staff dealing with Covid19 infected patients and it is the result of a number of local companies coming together to rapidly create a critical product for our health workers. We are proud to be part of this effort.”

Irwin notes that the overall revenue of Denroy Plastics will be heavily impacted by the outbreak of Covid-19.

He said: “The outlook for the rest of the year probably won’t be far off 50 per cent of what it would have been. The Denman brand has been particularly affected by reduced retail and professional sales although Amazon sales are holding up quite well. The aerospace sector, which makes up a significant part of our business, is working hard to adjust to current conditions and establish new, steady monthly build rates to allow the supply chain to adapt accordingly.”

The present timeline for Brexit is also called into question by Irwin, who says: “Of course, in the background we cannot forget the forthcoming Brexit changes. It is hard to see how the current timeline can be maintained for this.

“Of particular concern to the aerospace sector is the proposed regulatory divergence from European Aerospace Safety Agency. This is the standard to which the UK manufactures aerospace products. It would be preferable that the Government considered the added burden on businesses of making these changes at a time when we are mostly in survival mode and need to settle to some degree of stability.”

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
April 02 2020

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