News | Published March 30 2020

Mandale Group on Covid-19: “The largest unknown in this right now is how long this is going to go on for”

Following the government announcement that all those who can work from home should do so as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Parliamentary Review spoke with Joe Darragh director of the Mandale Group, to discuss how the latest developments had impacted the company.

He said: “On Tuesday we took the very difficult decision to close our offices and sites for the period of the lockdown. It wasn't the decision we wanted to make, as we were deep into contingency planning on how to assist home working and re-arranging the office layout for those where home working was not going to be possible. We had already implemented social distancing and vigorous cleaning regimes in the office and on construction sites.”

As a construction company, Mandale were considered key workers, and were given government approval to continue operations.

Of this, Darragh said: “Michael Gove was on the TV on Tuesday morning clarifying that construction was OK to continue, but our main concerns are; if we are going to struggle to get materials, and sales won't be completing we could be running up huge construction costs with no idea of when we might be able to turn these into sales.”

In spite of the situation, Spalding noted that the government’s introduction of financial support packages for companies and the self-employed alike was greatly appreciated.

He concluded: “We are hugely grateful to the financial support packages announced by the government, as without these, the situation would be a whole lot different, and very much for the worse.

“I think to a certain extent the government had to provide financial support, otherwise there would have been many more businesses, possibly ourselves included, trying to limp along during this period. There would have been many redundancies, as businesses look to retain cash where possible, as the largest unknown in this right now is how long this is going to go on for.”

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Alice Jaspars
Culture Editor
March 30 2020

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