News | Published January 14 2020

Manufacturers like Cpack proactively responding to public sentiment on consumer packaging

In the midst of consumer pressure the BBC last week reported how ending plastic packaging in shops could actually be harming the environment – with alternatives potentially even worse than plastic when it comes to sustainability and pollution.

As The Parliamentary Review has frequently noted over the past few months, public and business awareness of environmental issues reached a crescendo in 2019. Consumers are considering the environmental impact and carbon footprint of their habits and purchases and companies have been taking notice.

One company – Cpack – are a manufacturer of premium packaging systems operating for over 30 years from their premises in Burnley, Lancashire. Working with Industry 4.0 compatibility and computer-controlled servo systems, they make machine systems for packing in most industries, including those related to food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, gift wrapping, aerospace, automotive and engineering. In the food sector alone they have machines for packing a multitude of products, such as dairy, sandwiches, pies, cakes and Christmas puddings.

The Parliamentary Review spoke with their managing director, Charles Reilly, about a manufacturer’s perspective on the matter,

“Our machines can use a variety of wrapping materials. With plastic packaging very much in the media headlines, our portfolio of wrapping material possibilities includes cellophane, parchment paper and other biodegradable materials for clients that are striving towards a greener and more sustainable future. Cpack machine systems meet the challenge.

“Some clients rely on plastics for various reasons. We manufacture machine systems that can utilise most wrapping materials. We are confident our existing machine systems range remains relevant to clients worldwide. With our continued research and development, we strive to ensure Cpack systems remain modern, technically advanced and competitive to our global clients. Despite operating in a very competitive market, we are confident (but not complacent) for the future.”

As our readers can see, solving any issues with plastic waste is not simply a matter of banning plastics in packaging, but working with industry leaders and innovators to find sustainable, modern ways of looking at the issue - which will be crucial in satisfying consumers and helping the environment.

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January 14 2020

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