News | Published April 26 2019

May cancels plans for fourth Brexit deal vote in advance of local elections

Theresa May cancelled plans yesterday to hold a fourth vote on her deal before next week's local elections.

With cross-party talks yet to yield an agreement another vote on her deal would likely see it defeated again.

May had been considering holding a vote on the deal before Thursday's elections but that possibility ended when the Financial Times revealed that the withdrawal agreement bill was not included in the Commons business for next week.

May and her advisers are now resigned to the fact that no agreement will be reached before the European elections on May 23.

The paper reported that an ally of the prime minister had conceded that June 30 was now the "next massive deadline" for getting the deal passed.

In advance of the elections, former Review contributor Robert Jehan of Williams Powell said the results would reflect the public's dissatisfaction in the Brexit process.

Jehan added: "The last European elections resulted in a significant proportion of votes from EU dissatisfied parties and it seems that the next elections may very well amplify that, with potentially significant consequences for the running of the European Parliament and EU institutions as a whole.

"A surge in an anti EU (Brexit supporting) vote in the UK, such as for the Brexit Party, should be seen also in this context and not just of the 2016 referendum result."

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William Winter
April 26 2019

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