News | Published March 30 2019

May likely to call fourth vote on her deal

Theresa May will again bid to get her Brexit deal through parliament this week after it was rejected MPs on Friday.

With the UK now scheduled to leave the EU on April 12th, the UK has less than two weeks to decide on the next step.

With May still aiming to see her deal passed, MPs will also put forward alternate options for indicative votes following the first round on Wednesday.

Although May's deal lost by 58 votes, it was a far smaller margin than that seen in the two meaningful votes.

To see the deal passed May will likely have to secure the support of the DUP, who have continued to oppose her deal, and the 34 Conservative MPs that voted against the deal, as Labour look set to continue to reject it.

If May's deal is rejected, it is likely she will have to ask for a lengthy extension as MPs voted this month to reject the UK leaving with no deal at any time.

The Labour party leader said that the prime minister should either resign or look to alter her deal, but Conservative party chairman Brandon Lewis said that the government did not support any of the alternative options proposed by MPs.

The second round of indicative votes will be held on Monday, as MPs to agree on a new strategy.

The Customs Union option lost by a margin of eight votes on Wednesday and will be brought back again.

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William Winter
March 30 2019

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