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May to meet Corbyn to discuss Brexit plans

The Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay confirmed that Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn will meet to discuss Brexit options today.

Further Brexit options were unable to pass in a series of indicative votes on Monday and the two leaders will now meet in an attempt to break the deadlock.

While the prime minister had been seeking to find a route for her deal to pass, the Labour leader is in support of a Customs Union arrangement and a deal that supports workers' rights.

During a meeting of the Brexit Select Committee this morning, Barclay explained that the UK was heading for an "undesirable" soft Brexit.

In an earlier interview with the BBC he said: "The prime minister’s deal won’t go through and no deal in law is taken off the table, then the consequence of that is either a soft Brexit or no Brexit at all."

He added: "The prime minister cannot ignore the law, and parliament will seek to pass a law on the issue of no deal. It has already voted to take no deal off the table. So that is the reality, and if that is the legal position reached by parliament, that is something ministers cannot ignore."

Barclay said that the talks between Corbyn and May had no preconditions, but stipulated that the prime minister would not grant Corbyn "a blank cheque" to make his demands.

In a statement last night the prime minister confirmed she would be seeking a further short extension to Article 50, with the UK currently scheduled to leave the EU on April 12.

Jeremy Corbyn said that "happy" to take part in talks and hoped that they could come to a compromise that they could "both stick to".

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April 03 2019

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