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mGage ready for the next generation of mobile messaging

Early November saw US carriers announce a Cross Carrier Messaging Initiative (CCMI) with the aim that this will be deployed in 2020.

AT+T, Spring, T-Mobile and Verizon have united to deliver the project, with aims to increase the ways in which consumers and businesses are able to interact.

The CCMI has four primary aims:

- Create a business-to-consumer messaging ecosystem and accelerate the adoption of Rich Communications Services (RCS);

- Enable an enhanced experience to privately send individual or group chats across carriers with high quality pictures and videos;

- Provide consumers with the ability to interact with businesses;

- Create a single seamless, interoperable RCS experience across carriers worldwide.

The concept will expand the parameters of current messaging platforms; Android has famously lagged behind Apple’s iMessage platform, and this is likely to help address this imbalance.

The Parliamentary Review member mGage have been operating in the field for less than a decade, but already oversee over 100 million mobile interactions each year. CEO Jim Continenza writes in his best practice article that a ‘key to our success is the recognition that consumers today want deeper and more direct means connecting with brands'. A significant next step for the company is their work with RCS (Rich Communications Services), or the ‘next generation of mobile messaging’.

mGage wrote on their blog after the announcement of CCMI that they were ‘very excited by this announcement’ as they saw it as a project that would ‘significantly accelerate the adoption of RCS’. This is because it would address the primary issues that have so far limited the adoption of RCS, which have been ‘1) addressable market, 2) standardised pricing structure’. 

Continenza is optimistic on the industry and on the company’s future, penning ‘with our best-in-class infrastructure and technology, we will continue to serve as a benchmark for the industry’.

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November 21 2019

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