News | Published May 15 2019

MPs set for vote on Brexit bill in June

MPs will vote on the Brexit bill in June Downing Street announced last night.

The vote will occur even if there is no agreement with Labour on the deal.

Labour sources confirmed they would not back the deal unless a cross-party agreement is struck.

Following the announcement, Brexit secretary Stephen Barclay said: "It is now time for Parliament to make a decision, reflecting the manifestos of both the Conservative and Labour parties at the last general election and to deliver Brexit in the way that the public were promised."

Number 10 said that the UK would be set for either a no-deal exit or the revocation of Article 50 if MPs do not back the deal in June.

Talks between Labour and the Conservatives continue as Tory chief negotiator Olly Robbins travelled to Brussels for talks yesterday.

A Labour spokesperson said that the party wanted see further movement from the government in the negotiations and explained that the prime minister's team would return with proposals today.

If the deal is approved by MPs in June, it would allow the UK to leave the EU before the summer recess and in advance of the Article 50 deadline on October 31.

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William Winter
May 15 2019

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