News | Published March 27 2019

MPs to debate in advance of indicative votes

MPs will begin the ninth Brexit debate this year in preparation of potential indicative votes today.

After the Sir Oliver Letwin amendment was passed in the Commons on Monday, MPs will now have the opportunity to put forward their preferred Brexit strategy.

A number of plans will be put forward to the speaker, who will then select around six options to be voted on.

Neither the Conservative nor Labour parties have yet made it clear as to whether their MPs will be given a free vote, or will be expected to follow the party whip.

The prime minister has not yet given up on her own deal and will meet with the backbench 1922 Committee today in an attempt to gain further support.

May has not yet ruled out the possibility of holding a third meaningful vote this week, although she did admit on Monday that she does not yet have sufficient support to see it passed.

The DUP announced that their position on the deal has not changed following talks with May yesterday.

The BBC report that a number of leading Brexit supporting MPs in the Conservative party are coming round to May's deal and could support it if the DUP decide to do so too.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, leader of the ERG, said: "[I don't] begin to pretend this is a good deal or a good choice."

He added: "Half a loaf is better than no bread."

The shadow international trade secretary Barry Gardiner said: "We [Labour] have committed ourselves to trying to deliver the referendum result."

He added that he expected Jeremy Corbyn to allow a free vote but that Labour MPs would be expected to vote against both revoking Article 50 and the threat of a no-deal scenario, therefore respecting the commitments on Brexit given in the party's manifesto.

The debate will begin at 2pm today.

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March 27 2019

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