News | Published March 12 2019

Norwegian and TUI delay flights, following UK decision on Boeing 737

After a Boeing 737 Max crashed on Sunday (killing all 157 people on board) the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has banned Boeing 737 models from flying over and operating in the UK.

The measure, hoped to be temporary, follows after Germany, Australia, Singapore and China implemented similar measures.

The Ethiopian Airlines crash which occurred this Sunday marks the second 737 Max crash in five months.

No mention has been made yet of the duration of this ban. The CAA only said that “sufficient information” first had to be gathered before a more informed decision can be made.

TUI and Norwegian airlines operate this model in the UK, both of which have informed their passengers that other aircraft will be made available for their travels.

Not every country has decided to ground the aircraft, however. America’s equivalent of the CAA, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), have regarded the Boeing 737 Max as still airworthy. Boeing themselves have agreed with this judgement by reaffirming the safety of these aircraft.

Other countries such as Ireland are awaiting more information before taking action.

An investigation concerning the Lion Air crash in Indonesia in October 2018 concluded that there were issues regarding the automated anti-stall feature.

To what extent, if any, this feature played a role in Sunday’s crash is not yet clear. Some witnesses claimed to have seen smoke and debris following the plane’s downward descent, suggesting a more basic mechanical failure.

Until a verdict becomes clear, the CAA will maintain the ban.

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Thomas Wilson
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March 12 2019

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