News | Published March 12 2019

Ofsted back "appropriate" LGBT lessons in Birmingham school

Ofsted have confirmed that the LGBT rights aspect of the curriculum taught at Parkfield Community school is "age-appropriate".

The curriculum led to protests being held outside the school by parents and local people in recent weeks.

Ofsted were then called upon to conduct an inspection, but Senior Inspector Peter Humphries confirmed that the body felt that the lessons were appropriate.

He said parents felt that the "curriculum focuses disproportionately on LGBT issues" and that is was not age-appropriate for some children.

"Inspectors found no evidence this was the case," Humphries added.

The Parkfield curriculum has embraced the No Outsiders project which looks to promote LGBT rights and teach children about homophobia, race, religion, gender identity, age and disability.

The project was founded by the Assistant Head Andrew Moffat in 2014.

Headteacher Peter Williams said that the response of Ofsted was great news for the school in a letter sent out to all the parents.

Ofsted has advised that the school takes steps to develop how it communicates with parents in the future as a result of dispute.

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William Winter
March 12 2019

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