News | Published September 09 2019

Parliament to be prorogued tonight

During today’s morning lobby briefing, No.10 has confirmed that parliament will be prorogued after the finishing of today’s parliamentary proceedings.

Originally reported by Lewis Goodall, Sky News’ political correspondent, a spokesperson confirmed that parliament will be prorogued until October 14th.

This prorogation will be the longest in modern history and will mean that no parliamentary business will take place during this time. 

This includes any business in the chamber as well as select committee hearings and scrutiny of the executive.

Detailing this announcement, a No.10 spokesperson said: “The prime minister is not going to seek an extension.

"If MPs want to resolve this there is an easy way - vote for an election today and let the public decide."

This pledge not to seek an extension has been met with anger from opposition leaders. 

Liz Saville Roberts, the Plaid Cymru Westminster leader, responded: “I am glad that as opposition parties, we are united in our belief that Boris Johnson’s attempt to undermine the rule of law must be stopped.

"If the Prime Minister refuses to seek an extension to the period under Article 50, he will have broken the law – plain and simple – and he must be subject to legal repercussions."

"I told other opposition parties this morning that if he does break the law, we should be ready to impeach Boris Johnson – a procedure that he himself supported in 2004 when current Plaid Cymru leader Adam Price sought to impeach Tony Blair for lying."

As speculation about an upcoming general election rises, this confirmation means that if today’s motion calling for a general election is not passed, Johnson will not be able to organise an October election.

Opposition leaders have publicly announced they will not back an election, with a Labour party spokesperson saying: “Jeremy Corbyn hosted a meeting with opposition party leaders this morning. They agreed to work together today to hold the Government to account in Parliament.

"All leaders agreed that they would not support Boris Johnson’s ploy to deny the people their decision by crashing us out of the EU with no deal during a general election campaign."

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George Salmon
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September 09 2019

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