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Part Two: Chief Executive of Wave Leisure Trust on “Inspiring Active Lifestyles”

Wave Leisure Trust, a charity and social enterprise based in East Sussex, has worked to improve the development of health and wellbeing in the community since their foundation in 2006. Faced with new challenges as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, Duncan Kerr, the charity’s chief executive, writes about the charity’s response to the current situation in the second part of a series for The Parliamentary Review.

Wave Leisure Trust Ltd is a charity and social enterprise with our “Inspiring Active Lifestyles” and a vision: “To be at the heart of the improvement of health and wellbeing in our communities”.

Formed in 2006, Wave is recognised as an award-winning trust, delivering programmes of activity to the local community, within or out with leisure centres. Our initiatives take the form of either open access or targeted activities.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, our range of sessions usually delivered by Wave’s Community and Health Improvement Team has been restricted due to social distancing, but we are continuing to provide short instructional videos on our web site and social media. These encompass matters including, but not restricted to, the following:

Exercise Referral

GPs or health professionals will identify when a referral is appropriate. The scheme can benefit a range of conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, weight loss and management, mobility, depression and stress. Support is usually provided by qualified health improvement instructors, access to relevant physical activity and one to one support on a tailored programme. Currently, guidance in these area is being provided through our online content.

Weight Management

Wave supports information sessions about healthy lifestyle choices as part of weight management, to include exercise delivery often for those with complex multi-health conditions. Tips on weight management are currently being provided by video.

Golden Ticket -Dementia Service

Delivered on behalf of the Lewes, High Weald and Havens CCG, The Golden Ticket delivers a holistic mix of services to address health and wellbeing, supporting people with dementia and their carers in every aspect of their lives.

Special Education Needs and Disability Engagement

Supportive and tailored engagement is provided for children, young people and adults, along with their families, enabling participation in activity.

Chair-based Sport and Exercise

Delivering both in centre and within residential sessions, chair-based exercise, and sport for example Boccia and Kurling, often provides a fun and social environment which encourages physical activity amongst participants, who may not otherwise be able to be physically active. Although sessions themselves are on hold, we are keeping those concerned updated with helpful tips on keeping active.

Postural Stability Instruction

Delivered on behalf of the Falls Prevention Team, East Sussex Better Together, this service is delivered by Wave in Seaford and Eastbourne.

Strength & Balance Exercise Classes

Supports to reduce the risk of falling by improving strength, balance and confidence are being provided online.

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Authored by

Duncan Kerr
Chief executive, Wave Leisure Trust
April 19 2020

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