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Party leaders relaunch campaign on final day before election

Party leaders will be back on the campaign road on Wednesday for the final time before Thursday’s general election, looking to make a final appeal to swing voters before polls open.

Conservative leader Boris Johnson is expected to push his message that his party is the only party that truly plans to “get Brexit done”, while Jeremy Corbyn will reiterate that a vote for Labour is a “vote for hope”.

Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson is likely to make one final appeal to Remainers to back her party as the only tangible means of staying in the EU.

A YouGov poll published on Tuesday suggest the Conservatives are set to earn a majority of roughly 28 seats, with 339 seats in total and 43 per cent of votes.

Labour are projected to finish on 34 per cent with 231 seats; the Lib Dems 12 per cent with 15 seats; the Greens three per cent with one seat and the Brexit Party on three per cent with no seats. 

Plaid Cymru’s four seats from 2017 are expected to remain unchanged, while the SNP are expected to secure 41 seats in Scottish constituencies, an increase on two years ago.

Another YouGov forecast back in November projected a Conservative majority of 68, suggesting that a gap has closed, but these seat share estimates are subject to error, the margin of which could see the final Conservative seat numbers fall anywhere between 311 and 367. 

 This means that despite the polls, both a Conservative majority and a hung Parliament remain possible outcomes.

Fieldwork for the YouGov polls took place between December 4-10, including feedback from 100,000 people.

Polling stations will open for the election from 07:00 GMT until 22:00 on Thursday December 12.

Boris Johnson is wary of complacency, saying during his campaign in West Yorkshire on Wednesday morning that the margins “could not be tighter” and there is a “real risk” of a hung Parliament.

Johnson said: "The critical risk is very real. We cannot have more drift, more dither, more delay, more paralysis for this country.”

Johnson is expected to use Wednesday to reiterate Conservative pledges on increased NHS investment, recruiting new police officers and overseeing an overhaul in the immigration system to win over voters who may be considering voting for Labour.

His main Brexit message to the electorate will be: "Unless we get out of this quicksand... our future as a country remains uncertain”.

Meanwhile, Corbyn’s Wednesday campaign began in Glasgow, where he pledged to voters that his party would end child poverty, “give hope to the next generation and invest properly in education all across the UK”.

The Labour leader will also campaign in the north-east of England, an area aggressively targeted by the Conservatives who are hoping to take Leave-voting Labour constituencies. 

Corbyn’s tactical plan will be to reiterate his pledges on the NHS and extensions to free childcare, as well as reducing transport fares.

Corbyn will say: "Labour will get Brexit sorted - we will secure a good deal for working people, and give you the final say.”

Swinson’s focus for the Lib Dems will be on attending rallies with party members, calling on them to “keep going and fighting for every vote”, hammering home the message that a vote for her party is not wasted.

SNP leader in Westminster, Ian Blackford, has said that his party is the only one capable of being able to “defeat Boris Johnson in Scotland”, outlining their focus of winning Conservative held seats north of the border.

Plaid Cymru leader, Adam Price will appeal to Welsh voters by saying: "People have lost faith in our politics, and we have a duty to restore it before it's too late."

The Brexit Party’s campaign road on the final day before polls open will begin in the South Yorkshire town of Doncaster, with leader Nigel Farage eyeing up Leave voters in Labour seats.

Farage will call on local voters not to “waste” votes on the Conservatives in such seats and instead throw their support behind his party.

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December 11 2019

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