News | Published November 15 2019

Performance Telecom recognises importance of investing in business’ technology

Business minister, Kelly Tolhurst, has announced the government’s intentions to invest £56 million in order to boost business productivity.

Initially part of the 2018 Budget, the fund is based upon research by a co-authored report by the HM Treasury and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

According to the review, businesses of varying sizes ought to focus on their ability to 'harness the benefits of technology, such as on-line accountancy software and customer relationship management (CRM) software.'

In order to encourage such growth, it is suggested that it would be advisable to create 'a partnership between the government, professional services firms, large banks and technology firms, to reach out to UK companies and support them to adopt new management practices and modern business tools.'

The significance of investing in encouraging technological adoption in business is also recognised by Performance Telecom, a St Albans-based company established over 20 years ago which specialises in innovating communication technology for contact centres.

Managing director Adam Norsworthy notes, "It is easy to see why businesses today fear technology adoption when we consider many of the problems that came with the introduction and growth of technology in the past.

"I can remember the frequent problems I had working on computers in offices 20 years ago, and it is worth considering how problem-free our current devices are.”

Speaking on the rapid technological progress being made he continues, “Voice and data networks have evolved so fast over the previous decade that today’s contact centres have access to high-speed, multi-carrier networks that they can control from their smartphone.”

“The days of having to deal only with large telecom companies are over. Smaller ones can offer a more resilient technical service, a better customer service and are often cheaper.”

Norsworthy concludes that “standards such as Cyber Essentials, Information Assurance for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and the new PCI Data Security Standard provide clear information on how companies can responsibly, securely and effectively store and process data, removing the risks for businesses when employing new technology partners. I ensure that we follow these standards.”

More information on Cyber Essentials can be found on this link.

Authored by

The Parliamentary Review

November 15 2019

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