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PMQs Summary (5 June, 2019)

D-Day commemorations meant that the prime minister Theresa May and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn weren’t in attendance at today’s session. In their place were the PM’s deputy, David Lidington, and Labour frontbencher Rebecca Long-Bailey, seen by many as a potential successor to Corbyn.

Dominating the discussion were three main topics. The first was D-Day, with today marking 75 years since the operation commenced. Both sides of the House gave their customary tribute to those who gave their lives to fight Nazi Germany.

The second topic was Donald Trump’s visit. Rebecca raised questions over the official reception of Donald Trump given his controversial stances and policies. In particular, she asked Lidington to comment on Trump’s suggestion in a press conference that, in trade talks, “NHS is on the table.”

Lidington reaffirmed the PM's position that the NHS is not on the table. He added that while disagreement is normal and healthy, we should respect that Donald Trump is the fairly elected head of state of our staunchest and most reliable ally.

The third topic was climate change. Rebecca’s claim was that the government is not treating the climate crisis with the level of urgency that it requires. She questioned the claim that targets were being met and said that fracking should not be seen as a viable energy source.

The PM’s deputy responded that Britain is meeting targets, and indeed is doing so at an exceptionally fast rate when compared with other developed economies.

To see what happened in the remainder of the session, see our Twitter thread.

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June 05 2019

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