News | Published April 10 2019

PMQs summary (Wed 10th Apr, 2019)

Today in PMQs, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn made conspicuously little mention of Brexit and instead focused their discussion on local authority funding and poverty.

There was, however, one mention of Brexit from Theresa May, but this was only at the very beginning of the session in response to Craig Tracey’s exhortation to leave the EU on WTO terms.

After this, she and Corbyn battled over the Conservative government’s record on poverty. Corbyn began his contribution by saying that the Conservative government’s new funding formula for local authorities was unfair and punitive.

As an example of this inequity, he said that in local authorities like Swindon, where child poverty and homelessness is high and has increased,  will have much more taken out of their funding than Surrey will, whose child poverty rate is much lower.

May’s response was that her government has been increasing funding for councils – by an average of 20 per cent in terms of spending power – across the board, and that Jeremy Corbyn had in fact voted against these increases. She also retorted that it was the Conservative government that had to ask councils to make “difficult decisions” as a result of the Labour deficit left over from their time in government before 2010.

Corbyn fought back with the claim that, since 2010, 50p out of every pound has been stripped from local authorities, adding that “cruel and unfair policies have left councils on the brink.”

As is customary, May then went on to list the achievements of the Conservative government, which she said includes more children in good schools, more doctors, lower taxes and “delivering across the country for everyone.”

To see the other questions that featured in this session, view our live Twitter feed of the event.

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April 10 2019

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