News | Published March 20 2019

PMQs summary (Wed 20th Mar, 2019)

Today's PMQs saw a battle of words over Theresa May's attempt to extend the deadline for Article 50.

Despite John Bercow's recent statement, Theresa May remains committed to having her deal pass the Commons, even if it takes a third attempt.

She asked for a three-month deadline extension from the EU but wants the negotiations to happen as soon as possible.

There were many protesting today that May is pursuing a lost cause. In today's session, therefore, many called for a indicative votes so as to determine MPs' collective stance.

Many have also suggested that the Kyle-Wilson amendment would help overcome the parliamentary deadlock.

If this amendment passed, it would mean that the deal has a better chance of getting through parliament, but only on the condition that a second referendum occurs. This time, the referendum would be a choice between remaining a member of the EU or accepting Theresa May's deal.

To see all the statements that happened in this session, see our live Twitter coverage thread.

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Thomas Wilson
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March 20 2019

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