News | Published December 12 2019

Polls open across the UK for third general election in under five years

Voters across the country head to the polls today to vote in the general election.

This is the first December election since 1923, and the first winter election since 1974.

Polling stations opened this morning at seven o’clock, and will close at ten o’clock this evening, at which point vote counting will commence.

Using first past the post, where the candidate with the highest number of votes takes the seat, some 650 MPs will be elected.

At the last general election in 2017, the first constituency to declare was Newcastle Central.

Two years ago, around seven million people used a postal vote. If this has not yet been submitted it can be still counted if it is delivered to the voter’s designated polling station or Electoral Office before voting closes this evening.

In order to cast their vote, those over the age of 18 who are either a British citizen or a citizen of the Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland, need to give their name and address at their polling station.

Poll cards are not required in order to cast a vote.

Individuals may only cast their vote for one candidate, or their ballot will not count.

Party leaders across the country have already cast their vote this morning. 

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Alice Jaspars
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December 12 2019

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