News | Published September 05 2019

Prime minister criticises leader of the opposition for preventing a general election

Boris Johnson has argued that Jeremy Corbyn is blocking a general election after the prime minister’s unsuccessful attempt to call for an early general election yesterday.

John McDonnell, shadow chancellor, has confirmed that Labour are in fact in favour of an early election, but that the party’s first priority was to prevent a no deal exit of the European Union.

Wednesday saw a bill intended to prevent a no-deal Brexit approved by the Lords, and it was agreed that Tory peers in the House of Lords would not filibuster to prevent it from being passed.

Jo Swinson, leader of the Liberal Democrats, has said "I do have confidence that the bill will get through the House of Lords”

"But in the current circumstances where we find ourselves, where we've got a prime minister seemingly prepared to do anything to rip up the traditions of parliamentary democracy, then I also think that we need to be very aware of the risks."

Nigel Farage, former head of UKIP, and current leader of the Brexit party has stated that the prime minister would be wise to remember he "cannot win an election, whenever it comes, if the Brexit Party stands against him".

He added that if a general election were to occur, "with a clear policy, we'd be unstoppable".

The bill to delay Brexit is expected to be completed in the House of Lords by five o’clock on Friday afternoon.

The extension bill requires the agreement of the EU in order to delay the UK’s departure.

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September 05 2019

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