News | Published March 09 2020

Priocept vision of educating about technology underway

Research carried out by RS Components has revealed that four in five teachers now use education technology in each of their lessons, suggesting that one firm’s hopes of educating people in how to use technology is being fulfilled.

Priocept is a firm specialised in assisting businesses in creating digital products and services, with offices in both London and San Francisco. In 2019, managing director Dan Norris-Jones told The Parliamentary Review of his hopes for the future, outlining that educating people about technology and how to use it, was an issue of importance.

Norris-Jones said: "As information technology becomes increasingly complex, we need to get better at communicating its concepts clearly. The key to jargon elimination is to ask yourself: when you are about to use a given term, do you truly understand what it means? If not, then go back to first principles.

"We invariably achieve the most effective communication with our clients – who are typically business people rather than technologists – on subjects relating to complex technologies by eliminating all the jargon, going back to first principles and talking in plain English. In 2018 and beyond, we hope to see business, education and government doing the same."

The research conducted by RS Components, the leading global brand in electronic components, certainly seems to indicate that this vision is being being borne out in the education sector.

It was revealed in a survey of teachers across the UK that four in five teachers interviewed use education technology in almost every lesson, equating to 79 per cent.

This shows that since 2010, the regular use of technology devices in the classroom has more than tripled. 20 per cent of teachers would regularly use technology in lessons a decade ago.

The research concluded that the mainstream introduction of technology into education was a natural step, given that parents in the UK have begun introducing children as young as six to technology in the home, in the form of household gaming consoles, iPads and shared computers.

With the trajectory very much upward, early awareness of technology and how to use is only set to increase, in line with Priocept's vision.

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Scott Challinor
Business Editor
March 09 2020

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