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Renowned estate agent responds to Raab

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab laid out his plans for reviving the "dream of home ownership" this week.

In an article with The Telegraph, he set out how the government should act in the future to stimulate the housing market.

Citing the need for a renewed embrace of technology, widespread reform of the planning process and the development of affordable homes, he argued that the Conservative party needed to take on vested interests.

Raab said: "As Conservatives, we have sold the next generation on the dream of the UK as a property-owning democracy.

"We must keep that promise, by taking on vested interests with a radical agenda that will deliver home-ownership for young working Britons."

Raab is among the favourites to replace Theresa May as prime minister, after May said she would resign following the culmination of the first phase of the Brexit process.

In response to the piece, Alan Robinson of long-established estate agent Robinson Jackson told The Parliamentary Review that he expected Raab to be a politician of considerable influence over the coming years.

Robinson said: "We need to turn the whole planning process on its head.

"Encourage local authorities to employ land finders, preferably on incentive commission, and charge them with identifying small and large potential building sites.

"Agree workable schemes with their own planning departments should be established and then release them to developers.

"Conditions for affordable housing or council retention can be applied, as long as the deal suits all parties involved.

Everybody in the housing industry has a part to play and Dominic Raab could do a lot worse than actually visiting one of our 21 branches, selling first-time and middle market properties, to see for himself exactly how the first time buyer market actually works on a day-to-day basis.

"No theorising, total understanding –  the invite has been made."

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April 17 2019

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