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Robinson Brothers provides blueprint for the chemical sector

Robinson Brothers celebrates its 150th year in business today, something very few organisations in the British chemical industry can lay claim to. The key to their longevity and success has been their capability to be highly adaptable to change in the marketplace, and as a result, they continue to thrive.

Diversification has remained a key part of the company’s strategy for many decades now and as a result, they are involved in the global supply chain for a significant number of markets from pharmaceutical and agrochemical to the food and beverages industry.

Combined with the company’s commitment to research and development, a department of the company, which was set up in 1920, has ensured that the firm remains not just competitive domestically but among foreign organisations as well.

As a consequence, Robinson Brothers now sees 67 per cent of its sales come from the overseas market. At a time when the future trading relationship between the United Kingdom and the rest of the world is likely to change, this success is one that should be looked on with interest by legislators as well as organisations from other sectors who are looking to increase their export markets over the coming years.

As a consequence of this, their work has been honoured by numerous industry awards, including being named Company of the Year 2014 in the Chemical Industries Association Awards. This was also in no small part due to the company’s recognised commitment to ensuring that every member of the workforce is equipped with the right skills to meet the challenges of advancing technology.

In this year’s Parliamentary Review, Managing Director Adrian Hanrahan has explained how the family-owned business has maintained its trusted reputation among both customers and suppliers alike. With the market and wider economy continuing to change, there are very few firms equipped as well as Robinson Brothers to seize the future and go from strength to strength for the next 150 years.

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March 28 2019

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