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A parliamentary committee was told in February that the Gambling Commission was weighing-up putting a cap on betting stakes online, a move which one company in the sector has greeted with approval.

The commission, the UK regulator for the gambling industry, will make a decision on whether to limit the amount consumers can bet online over the next few months, its chief executive Neil McArthur said.

A £2 per bet cap was introduced to fixed odds betting terminals in bookmaking shops in 2019, and MPs have called for this to be applied to online slot games to help broaden the crackdown on problem gambling.

Carolyn Harris, chairing the All Party Parliamentary Group on Gambling Related Harm, said: “A review of stake limits online has been clearly recommended by the all-party parliamentary group and is long overdue. I am very pleased that the Gambling Commission has finally seen sense on this.

"Online slot content games should be reduced to £2 a spin in line with the rules in betting shops. The Gambling Commission must stop being reactive and take action to protect the vulnerable from harm in line with their licensing objectives."

Despite the gambling industry being met with swathes of new regulations in a short period of time which has adversely impacted the revenue and market value of bookmakers, one company active in the industry has been supportive. describe themselves as an online games comparison site, affiliated with a number of carefully selected providers.

The independent website, launched in 2019, says that it operates in the interest of the consumer rather than specific bookmaking brands, and satisfies a need to consolidate the online gaming and betting offerings to help consumers identify the best options for them. It also provides useful information on high-profile sporting events and the various options for betting on them.

In response to the latest news, the company said: "The industry is clearly more regulated than it’s ever been, and we applaud this. Indeed, if anything, it made getting involved [in the gambling industry] more appealing.” believes that tighter regulations support its work in promoting honest operators who run online gaming experiences fairly and within the law as it is updated.

"These tight regulations make life harder for any potentially dishonest operators, and we’re keen to steer people away from these kinds of providers and towards the legitimate ones who provide a genuine, honest and fair gaming experience."

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Scott Challinor
Business Editor
March 09 2020

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