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Sajid Javid announces £2.6 billion extra for schools in 2020

According to the chancellor of the exchequer, Sajid Javid, schools in England will receive the sum as an attempt to return to the levels of funding prior to austerity measures.

Javid’s new budget comes after the announcement of the three-year plan last week, which plans to increase funding by £7.1 billion by 2023.

Leaders in schools have voiced their worry about the plan, citing current political and economic uncertainty.

Javid stated that the money was to ensure "lifelines of opportunity".

The chancellor’s action is the first confirmation of the prime minister’s promise to develop school spending during his term.

The budget intends on providing secondary schools with at least £5,000 per pupil while primary schools will receive £3,750.

Funds will also be used to increase teacher salaries, in order to respond to the current recruitment difficulties.

There will be an injection of £400 million to support both further and vocational education, with £66 million being set aside for early-years education.

It is expected to see increased investment in schools in Wales and Northern Ireland in conjunction with this.

The budget has been praised by teachers, however it is noted by Paul Whiteman, leader of the National Association of Head Teachers that "The government has made a significant stride in the right direction and the money that's been announced is good news - but we're not there yet and we can see where some of the gaps still remain."

The increase in funding has been criticised by Angela Rayner, the shadow secretary for education, who believes it is a "con trick" that will leave schools waiting for the funding they need.

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September 07 2019

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