News | Published February 20 2020

Salmond appears in court charged with 14 counts of sexual assault

Former leader of the SNP and first minister, Alex Salmond, appeared in court on Tuesday prior to his trial on charges of attempted rape and sexual assault.

Salmond’s trial will formally begin in Edinburgh next month, following accusations of a series of sexual offences against ten women.

The former first minister denied all charges made against him.

The preliminary hearing served to ensure that the case does not continue for too long and demands that the Crown and the defence detail their preparations for the trial.

Any evidence which the defence intend upon questioning should be raised at this point in the proceedings.

While the specific details of the hearing will not be detailed for legal reasons, it is known that Salmond is charged with fourteen counts of sexual assault, including two cases of indecent assault, one attempted rape and one sexual assault with intent to rape.

The offences all occurred during Salmond’s tenure as first minister of Scotland, with locations believed to have included his residence in Bute House and the Scottish Parliament.

Salmond was leader of the Scottish National Party twice, leaving office in 2014 to be replaced by current first minister Nicola Sturgeon.

He lost his Gordon seat in the 2017 election, and has since taken up a post as a talk show host on the Russian network RT.

Salmond resigned from the Scottish National Party in 2018 following his legal action against the Scottish government.

The trial is expected to commence on 9 March this year.

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Alice Jaspars
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February 20 2020

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