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Scion Master exclusive, part 4: "Scientia potentia est"

We live in a globalised world where many processes simultaneously take shape, crucially comprising of political reshuffles, economic reforms and educational development in other countries. Not many people can plan or predict where you will be and what you will do in a few short decades. At Scion Mastery, having worked in the education sector for over 25 years, we have developed a unique approach that we believe to be timeless. We provide families with a clear and empirical method on how to adapt to an uncertain and predictably changing world.

We encourage students to focus on three core concepts: money, time and the desire to be independent. What do we mean by that?

Freedom is an adaptable definition. The world we live in is progressive. It is tolerant, but a visa is required despite geographical affinity. But is that the extent of restriction? No matter how strict its regulations are, it's merely a bureaucratic formality. Another issue presents itself. To find your place in today’s world, academic excellence is not sufficient, you need to develop a certain set of skills - soft skills: a knowledge of languages, an ability to communicate effectively and to be a team player. If you are an intelligent but prickly individual who swats away responsibility, finding a job is one thing, keeping it is a different proposal altogether. It is in the interest of the world and each country to increase the intelligence and proficiency of its population. Emigration rules aside, you are the one who limits your freedom.

We often find that parents place unrealistic desires on their children or, conversely, limit their freedom with their views on how to study, work and live. Students who start earning their own living will be able to grow faster and operate independently. We introduce the concept of financial freedom very early in our work with students, regardless of age. Often parents are anxious to discuss money (a dirty word, but it’s the elephant in the room). In some societies, money is associated with affection. We at Scion Mastery believe that it is important for every student to be educated up to A-Level in the U.K education system (or its equivalent). Having said that, education is not a one size fits all system: some need to gain theoretical knowledge first, others will become more academically adept through practical experience.

It is important to understand that your freedom and independence changes with age. When you are young and geographically flexible, you can afford to think less about earnings, make mistakes, take risks, and test yourself in new areas. If you are married and have children, you will require reasonable stability and therefore are at less liberty to take risks. Later, having acquired far more experience than you did when you were first starting out, you can take jobs with a third level of income and risk.

We help our students to persevere amidst near impossibility. For example, you will never become a professional basketball player if you are 165 cm tall, neither will you achieve the dream of being a surgeon if you are a sufferer of hemophobia. In spite of those sobering truths, during our sessions with children, we create a safe, non-judgmental environment in which we engage in candid and critical conversation. Our job is to harness this honest dialogue into an educational and career-based strategy based on the inspiration of children and parents, their talents, abilities, and what the ever-evolving world demands.

Scion Mastery works with academic coaches, tutors, psychotherapists, self-presentation and public speaking coaches to develop programs in order to provide support to our students at each stage of the educational process. Every year for the past ten years we have been conducting motivational and leadership training in conjunction with mentally challenging and physically stimulating activities that focus on developing students' strategic planning, visioning, priority settings and decision-making to support their individual aspirations.

The best description of us and how we operate can be found in an interview with one of our several successful students on the following link

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Authored by

Inga Neaves
Director of Scion Mastery
July 10 2020

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