News | Published May 30 2020

Scotland begin to ease lockdown

As of today, people in Scotland can now meet with family and friends after more than 60 days in lockdown.

As with the new rules in England, people in Scotland can meet people from another households, provided they respect social distancing rules and remain two metres apart.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon called for "caution" as the new measures came into action, stressing that where possible, people should still stay at home.

Although in England, up to six people can "meet" in a socially-distanced fashion, the number that can meet in Scotland has been raised to eight.

Ms Sturgeon said the changes would bring "a real improvement" to quality of life, but described them as "cautious changes... by necessity".

She warned that if infection rates spiked, however, the measures could be revoked and the country could be "back to square one".

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Ross Hindle
Senior Editor
May 30 2020

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