News | Published March 31 2020

Speciality Breads launches self-isolation bread-making masterclass

As Britain attempts to digest the possibility of six months of lockdown, one Margate-based bread maker is doing its best to help raise the nation's spirits. 

Speciality Breads have released an online guide detailing how to make bread from home and have offered to send readers a free sample of their own 'glorious breads'. 

The company was spurred on by the fact that 'The Covid-19 crisis has inspired millions of stay-at-home Brits to bake their own bread.

'There’s a lot of chat about making flatbread with simple ingredients, plus tips for making sourdough, making bread in a slow cooker, and reports that Lidl’s fifty quid bread making machine is actually pretty darned good despite its low price.' 

And while, like all companies, Speciality Breads is facing the challenge of adapting to a new short-term reality, they remain buoyant about the long term future of their main product:

'While fads come and fads go, bread remains the western world’s favourite staple.'

The positivity and generosity of companies like Speciality Breads is essential in times like these, particularly when the deputy chief medical officer Dr Jenny Harries is warning that it could take six months before life in the UK is back to normal. 

Dr Harries' warnings were followed by the pound falling yesterday for the first time in a week and the FTSE 100 struggling on Monday, though the early indications this morning are that it is recovering. 

Michael Hewson, chief market analyst at CMC Markets said “it is becoming increasingly apparent that the lockdowns currently in place across Europe will need to be extended well into the summer months, further impacting business activity.”

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William Winter
March 31 2020

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