News | Published April 28 2020

Speciality Breads reports on soaring popularity of home baking during Covid-19 lockdown

Margate based bread producer Speciality Breads has reported that home baking has become a popular pastime during the UK Covid-19 lockdown, with some bread recipes going viral online along with an increase in related internet searches.

Concerning specific recipes, sourdough and banana bread are the current table toppers for UK home bakers.

The UK has reportedly seen swathes of people try baking for the first time, while some are taking up the activity after a hiatus. The same phenomenon is also being seen beyond UK borders.

Referring to figures provided by social media site Pinterest, Speciality Breads reports that bread-related searches on its platform have increased substantially, with searches recorded in Australia for traditional local ‘damper bread’ going up by 263 per cent.

In France, Pinterest searches for ‘Japanese brioche’ have increased 1000-fold, while 350 times more Americans are searching for ‘Navajo bread’ online in the US. Meanwhile in Great Britain, searches for ‘no yeast bread’ and ‘banana bread recipe’ are being logged into Pinterest more than 38 times more than average.

However, the Covid-19 pandemic has not come without its issues, as Speciality Breads went on to highlight that some nations have begun to limit grain exports amid fear of shortages.

Ukraine is a European example of a country which has opted to take such action, while Vietnam has also limited its rice exports which is likely to have a real knock-on effect for the supply chain.

Speciality Breads warns that this could develop into a supply problem for wealthier economies which depend heavily on grain and rice imports.

Although stockpiles of grain and rice staples are high, there have been distribution bottlenecks which have been brought about by the pandemic as supermarkets have been repeatedly running out of supplies such as pasta.

Governments would do well, therefore, to heed expert advice and explore possibilities of boosting their agricultural sectors for the future. Speciality Breads notes that Singapore is one nation to have already begun doing so, having established a local task force to increase domestic food production by 2030.

Speciality Breads is fortunate in that it uses British flour in all of its products, rendering its supply chain relatively secure. Yet the UK does import a large number of fresh crops, some of which could be grown on home soil.

In light of this, the pandemic may well provide food for thought for environment secretary George Eustice going forward.

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Alexander Bridge-Wilkinson
Junior Editor
April 28 2020

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