News | Published May 15 2019

Spinraza: Neil O'Brien says today's announcement is "fantastic news for his constituents"

NHS England said it reached an agreement with Biogen under which the NHS will fund Spinraza treatment today.

Spinraza is a drug aimed at tackling the effects of spinal muscular atrophy, to which access has been limited due to its price.

The agreement will continue while data regarding the drug's effectiveness are collated and appraised.

This has been a contentious ethical issue, on which a considerable number of MPs have been campaigning for over a year.

Yesterday, NICE, in conjunction with NHS England, decided that the drug showed enough promise that it should be paid for – a reversal of the judgement decided last August, when NICE deemed Spinraza too expensive for adoption.

Today, Neil O'Brien OBE MP welcomed this news and asked the prime minister to encourage efforts for a managed access agreement to be achieved without delay.

This morning , we asked Neil what he made of the news.

He said: "This is fantastic news for my constituents Mark and Panna Wilson and their son Aadi, and parents across the country with children in need of Spinraza.

"I’m pleased that the government has applied flexibility to their decision making process here to ensure the availability of Spinraza, given the life-saving impact it could potentially have for hundreds of families."

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Thomas Wilson
Political Editor
May 15 2019

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