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Steve Jones of EAP discusses reducing the company’s carbon footprint

Steve Jones, founder of EAP, a marine support company with offices in the UK and Europe, spoke about his decision to try and operate in the most environmentally friendly way possible in the Parliamentary Review’s podcast.

He told host Jonathan White that “in terms of our carbon footprint, the more work we do on sustainable projects, the more that helps”.

Jones noted that the transition “has been challenging to go through”.

He continued, noting his hopes the “wind farms and vessels we maintain then become carbon neutral in terms of power”.

Jones stated that “recycling plants mean we can recycle 99 per cent of waste”.

With regards to the change of ethos, Jones stated that the more environmentally friendly projects EAP perform, the change “becomes more and more ingrained into the company and into what the company does”.

Overall, Jones believes that “the UK in general has been very good at trying to reduce its carbon footprint”.

His comments come at a time when the ONS have disclosed that Britain is now the largest net importer of CO2 per capita.

Through outsourcing to developing nations, the UK has contributed to the global climate emergency, increasing its emissions of CO2 from 1.7 tonnes in 1992, to 5.1 tonnes in 2007.

The single greatest contributor to this is believed to be the purchase of goods made in Asian countries, most notably mobile phones.

You can listen to Jones’ Parliamentary Review podcast here

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Alice Jaspars
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November 01 2019

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