News | Published November 16 2019

Sue Hughes-Thomas of The Home Management Company talks rent control

Sue Hughes-Thomas, founder of The Home Management Company, a residential lettings agent established in Hertfordshire in 1986, considered the importance of preventing rent control in The Parliamentary Review’s podcast.

She told host Jonathan White that she thought “any sort of rent control would be a very bad idea”.

While Hughes-Thomas recognised that “there will always be landlords who want more than they are entitled to” she went on to say “they may be lucky, but they may end up with an empty property”.

Overall, she noted that “the market tends to level itself out”.

With regards to the sector, Hughes-Thomas stated that “it is a business, you can’t control it, it won’t be economic for landlords to rent their properties if you put a restriction on the rent they are paid”.

She reiterated her belief that “if you do out-price it, it just won’t let... Tenants are much more savvy these days”.

Hughes-Thomas recognised, however, that “the London market is different”. Her comments come at a time when London Mayor Sadiq Khan has asked Westminster to allow him to cap rent in London.

Khan voiced concern that those in Southwark are paying almost four thousand pounds on rent per year than they were seven years previously.

This decision is supported by a YouGov poll taken in 2018, which noted over two-thirds of Londoners supported some kind of rent cap.

You can listen to Hughes-Thomas’ Parliamentary Review Podcast here.

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November 16 2019

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