News | Published March 20 2019

"Swift action" taken against Islamophobia in Conservative party says chair

The Conservative party chairman told campaigners today that there was no place for Islamophobia in the party.

Brandon Lewis said "swift action" is taken following a complaint in a letter responding to Hope Not Hate campaigner Nick Lowles.

Lowles had written to Lewis in order to express his concerns about the reports of Islamophobia within the Tory party and to ask for further clarification after Lewis claimed last year that all complaints had been dealt with.

In his letter Lowles asked whether Lewis was trying to mislead the public by stating that there were no outstanding complaints.

Lowles added: "Are your systems and processes so broken that you did not know your statement was untrue when you made it?"

Responding to Lowles, Lewis said: "There is absolutely no place for it [Islamophobia] in this country or in the Conservative party.

"We take swift action when complaints are made to Conservative Party headquarters, immediately referring them for investigation."

The Conservative party have not published statistics about the number of complaints they have received or the number of investigations launched, but the BBC confirmed that 14 party members had their membership suspended as a result of Islamaphobic Facebook posts.

Conservative party peer Baroness Warsi has been vocal in highlighting instances of Islamaphobia in the party.

Warsi criticised the prime minister Theresa May earlier this month for failing to acknowledge the problem and accused her of "burying her head in the sand".

Following Lewis' comments today she told the BBC: "The party does not take complaints seriously and only does so when there is a huge public outcry.

"And that to me makes this problem within the party an institutional issue rather than an issue of a few bad apples."

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March 20 2019

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