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Government intervention could help solve care industry’s retention struggles, says home care provider Fairhope

Among the Conservatives’ pledges ahead of the historic December general election victory, there was a visible focus on adding nurses to the NHS workforce through better retention measures. However, one homecare provider believes that government intervention must also extend to the social care industry, where the very same retention problems are apparent.

More action needed in social care, but cross-party consensus is step in right direction

Newly elected prime minister Boris Johnson made a verbal pledge to solve the “crisis” facing adult social care on the steps of Downing Street back in August, and now with his majority in hand, attention will be turning to the manifesto promise that followed up on those words.

Labour’s care policy food for thought for rest homes like The Gables

After Labour revealed its election manifesto which leader Jeremy Corbyn promised would be a ‘radical’ offer for ‘real change’, one pledge in particular will have seen those in the care sector sit up and take note.

Steve McCabe MP: The need for statutory carer’s leave

In Theresa May’s penultimate PMQs, I raised the crucial issue of the right to statutory carer’s leave and asked the prime minister if she has ensured her successor will fulfil her party’s manifesto pledge to Britain’s millions of carers.

IFS calls for tax hikes or reforms to meet demands of ageing UK population

The Institute for Fiscal Studies has implored politicians to consider the need for higher taxes or major reforms to provide adequate care for the country’s ageing population.

Bridging the Gap respond to BBC care findings

Teenagers in care are placed in unregulated homes and left vulnerable to organised crime the BBC reported yesterday.

Incisive Health report: "Care deserts" have formed across the UK

According to a report published by Age UK and Incisive Health, “care deserts” have formed across the UK. The report defines “care deserts” as areas without access to sufficient care and argues the existence, and growth, of these areas demonstrates that “radical and immediate action is required to stabilise the sector.” To assess the findings of the report, and to see what should happen next, we spoke to Kathy Maslen, Resident Manager of Genuine Care.

Adult Social Care: Views from the Sector - Carers Trust East Midlands

Carers Trust East Midlands provide a variety of care services across England having recently expanded beyond their East Midlands base. As well as providing care themselves, they also work to support carers and offer respite services free of charge. CEO Christine Alexander highlights the issues facing the sector and explains how promoting and supporting volunteers can help to ease budget pressures.

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