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Burnham: Government will need to consider trade-offs if Test and Trace is not “fixed”

Greater Manchester mayor Andy Burnham has warned that the government may need to consider trade-offs such as closing pubs to allow schools to reopen safely if the NHS Test and Trace system is not “fixed urgently”.

Preston among the latest areas to impose local lockdown restrictions

Preston Council has told residents of the city to abide by restrictions currently in place elsewhere in the north west and West Yorkshire following a rise in cases in the area, the Telegraph reports.

Minister insists schools will reopen in autumn despite warnings

Minister for regional growth and local government, Simon Clarke, has said that schools will “reopen in full” in the autumn, despite a recent study warning that it could bring about a more severe second wave of Covid-19 cases.

ORG calls England’s test and trace programme unlawful on data protection grounds

The Open Rights Group [ORG] has said that England’s test and trace programme is unlawful and has been since its initiation on May 28, after the Department of Health admitted that there had been no assessments on the impact that the scheme would have on people’s privacy.

NHS to receive £3 billion funding boost in case of second Covid-19 wave

Prime minister Boris Johnson has said that the NHS in England will receive an additional £3 billion in funding to help prepare for the possibility of a second wave of Covid-19 cases in winter, which will help ease the pressures of the colder season on the health service.

UK contact tracing app to adopt new model

The Covid-19 contact tracing app, rolled out on behalf of the NHS in the Isle of Wight some weeks ago, is set to undergo major technical change over the weeks ahead.

Covid-19: ONS figures show rate of positive tests is falling

Estimates from the Office for National Statistics indicate that the number of individuals testing positive for coronavirus in England continues to decline.

Track and trace system identifies 31,000 potential cases in first week

During its first week in operation, England’s Covid-19 track and trace system identified over 31,000 people who had been in close contact with individuals infected with the virus, 85 per cent of which were instructed to self-isolate.

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